Play League of Legends with me!

Hi! I'm Kate and I just started a new smurf account at League of Legends (NA server). I'm looking for players to play with :) since I don't have any friends on NA. However I need people with new accounts since I don't want to play with 30lvls (playing without runes and masteries sucks).

Please make a fresh account (through my reflink, please... I will really appreciate that! :*) and invite me to friends right after you reach level 5, so we can play together against other players (my nick - Elydiette). Also, please don't get higher level than 10-15 while I still got 5 :D

I'll give you my Skype name later (I'm not a native English speaker but I'll do my best ;D).

Your skill or age isn't really important - I just want to have some fun with nice people :) Also I can teach you how to play LoL if you aren't the best yet. My main account is in Gold II.


Click here and play with me!

Server: North America (NA).

League of Legends

Hi! :) I'm Kate and I'm huge fangirl of League of Legends.

League of Legends Kayle Tattoo :)

League of Legends Kayle Tattoo :)

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Awesome steampunk XBOX controller :)
By the way - anyone tested this?

Awesome steampunk XBOX controller :)

By the way - anyone tested this?

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( Lyrics done by theshieldofdaybreak~ We’ve had this conversation weeks ago but I just remembered to finally draw it today ( And no it’s not because I watched Frozen with the family again this evening > u > ) So yeah! If you want more of the lyrics—go bother her haha 8DD )

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XBOX 360 Emulator →

Nice :) Anyway I can’t wait to get a real console. Maybe even XBOX One.

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